Denyo supplies generators, welding machines and air compressors. With a wide product range, there’s always a Denyo products which will fit your needs. Many of the generator sets have been fitted with an Isuzu engine; please see the overview down below to learn more about which engines have been used.

Application Type Engine Engine type Remarks
Generator DCA-10SS Isuzu 3KB1
Generator DCA-25ESI Isuzu 4LE2
Generator DCA-25USEI Isuzu 4LE2
Generator DCA-25SSIU Isuzu 4LE2-NYGD01 2008~
Generator DCA-25USI Isuzu 4LE2-NYGD02 2008~
Generator DCA-25USEI Isuzu 4LE2-NYGD03 2008~
Generator DCA-25SPI-II Isuzu C240
Generator DCA-45ESEI Isuzu BB-4JG1T
Generator DCA-45SSI Isuzu 4JJ1-TYGD01 2008~
Generator DCA-45USEI Isuzu BB-4JG1T
Generator DCA-45USI Isuzu 4JJ1-TYGD02 2008~
Generator DCA-60 Isuzu 4BG1-TRD07
Generator DCA-60ESEI Isuzu 4BG1-TRD06
Generator DCA-70 Isuzu 4BG1-TRD05 2005~
Generator DCA-70SSI Isuzu 4JJ1-XYGD01 2008~
Generator DCA-70ESEI Isuzu 4JJ1-XYGD03 2008~
Generator DCA-70USI Isuzu 4BG1-TRD04 2004~
Generator DCA-70USI Isuzu 4JJ1-XYGD02 2008~
Generator DCA-100ESI Isuzu 6BG1-TRD05 2005~
Generator DCA-100USI Isuzu 6BG1-TRD06 2005~
Generator DCA-125ESEI Isuzu 4HK1
Generator DCA-180ESEI Isuzu 6HK1
Generator DCA-220SS Isuzu C240
Generator DCX-88WSS Isuzu 3KB1
Generator SDG12/15S Isuzu 3LD1
Welding Generator DCX-270SS1 Isuzu 3KB1
Welding Generator DCX-1250SS1 Isuzu 3KB1
Welding Generator TLW-450 Isuzu 3LD1
Welding Generator TLW-450SSWI Isuzu 3LD1
Welding Generator DC450EI Isuzu C240
High Pressure Pump DPS-90SSB2 Isuzu 3KB1
High Pressure Pump DPS-90SST Isuzu 3KB1
High Pressure Pump DPS-130SPB Isuzu 3LD1