The Isuzu J Series is a multi-award winning 3.0 litre engine, one of the most utilised commercial series of engines in the world. Available in a variety of forms from the simple mechanical injected models to the high end common rail 4JJ1 found in the very latest Isuzu powered equipment.


  • 4 Cylinder
  • 4 Cycle
  • Water Cooled
  • OHV
  • Direct Injected


High Output, Low Fuel Consumption and Low Emission

  • Minimized dead combustion space
  • Optimized combustion shape
  • Low friction piston rings


Light Weight and Compact Size

  • OHV Short skirt cylinder block
  • Aluminum-alloy die cast rocker arm
  • Aluminum-alloy die cast timing gear case


Low Noise

  • High rigid cylinder block
  • 8 balancer crankshaft
  • Spherical timing gear case
  • Small module helical gear
  • Auto thermatic piston
  • Tortional damper pulley


High Reliability and Durability

  • Replaceable chrome plated dry liner
  • Piston ring trager
  • Steel laminate cylinder head gasket
  • Aluminum alloy bearing
  • Gear driven timing train
  • Axial oil seal


Easy Maintenance and Operation

  • Glow plug starting system

Look below to see which engines are a part of the Isuzu J-Series.