Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2

Diesel Equipment Trading, DET, delivered a Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2 diesel engine to a Dutch gen set builder who built and delivered the generator set to an overseas branch of the largest Dutch beer brewer.

Brewing beer is a continuous process, power breaks should be avoided because the quality of the brewing process is a key factor in the quality of the beer. Because of this, a constant power supply is essential.

2000 kVA

In emerging countries where the economy is growing strongly and infrastructure is against the limits, power outages are common. To ensure the continuity of the brewing process this Mitsubishi diesel engine driven gen set of 2000 kVA stand by power, is installed.
The Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2 engine is chosen for its high reliability, simple design and easy maintenance.

The Mitsubishi diesel engine S16R-PTA2, 1630 kW prime at 1500 rpm and 1730 kW  stand by at 1500 rpm, is part of the SR series built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It begins at the S6R-PTA, this engine has a prime rating of 515 kW at 1500 rpm (50 Herz).
The S6R-PTA2 is rated 595 kW prime, through the S12A-PTA with a rating of 670 kW and the S12H-PTA with 930 kW prime we arrive in the middle segment of the SR series. The S12R-PTA produces 1110 kW prime power and the S16R-PTA produces 1480 kW prime power.
The maximum power level is currently delivered by the S16R-F1PTAW2, 1777 kW prime power at 1500 rpm. (50 Herz)