Magnum produces products for the construction industry, such as water pumps, lighting towers as well as generator sets.

Magnum diesel generators generate portable power where and when you need it. These diesel generator provides just the right combination of output, efficiency, portability and affordability power needs.

A number of Magnum products have been powered with an Isuzu engine. See an overview of the entire list below.



  Type Engine brand Type
Magnum Light Generator MLG20 Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Generator MLG25 Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Generator MMG25FHI Isuzu 4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Light Tower MMG25FHI super start Isuzu 4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Light Tower MLT4200 Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Tower MLT4250 Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Tower MLT5200 Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Tower MLT5250I Isuzu 4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light Tower MTT20 Isuzu 4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Light Tower MTT25 Isuzu 4LE1NYGV-01