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Magnum Light GeneratorMLG20ISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light GeneratorMLG25ISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Mobile GeneratorMMG25FHIISUZU4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Mobile GeneratorMMG25FHI super startISUZU4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Light TowerMLT4200ISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light TowerMLT4250ISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light TowerMLT5200ISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Light TowerMLT5250IISUZU4LE1-PV05
Magnum Combination UnitsMTT20ISUZU4LE1NYGV-01
Magnum Combination UnitsMTT25ISUZU4LE1NYGV-01

Magnum Lite Generator

The Lite series of diesel generators generate portable power where and when you need it.
The MLG20 and MLG25 are equiped with a Isuzu diesel engine.
Magnum recognizes the environmental responsibility and meets the emission regulations by using these type of engines.

The MLG diesel generator provides just the right combination of output, efficiency, portability and affordability power needs. Ask for a quotation please contact us by email: 

Magnum Mobile Generator

The mobile line of diesel generators fulfill larger power needs while maintaining mobility. Built for; reliability and durability, they will function in the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the extreme cold of Antarctica.
Isuzu Parts for these Magnum generators are available, please send us a email including the Isuzu engine serial number and we will quote you. 

Magnum Light Tower

Magnum light towers are built for the most extreme climate conditions.
Herewith Magnum Light Tower series information and used of engine type:

Please contact us for a quotation

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